Divers Explore Maldivian Shipwreck in 'Crystal Clear' Water

An Australian photographer recently shared stunning footage of what he described as an “incredible experience” exploring a shipwreck in “crystal clear” water in the Maldives.

Dylan deHaas captured the video of he and his wife in the water off North Malé Atoll, where the couple enjoyed a holiday back in October 2020.

Dylan deHaas told Storyful: “We met locals while travelling there and they said they had a cool spot to snorkel, so we jumped on a boat and headed out.”

“Had no idea it would be that good. The water was crystal clear and only us were there,” he said.

In the video, which he shared to Instagram, the sunken boat can be seen distinctly emerging from the clear water. DeHaas said that they were alone onsite, and he and his wife Sarah decided to explore the wreck.

“It has been the only shipwreck we have snorkelled and was an incredible experience.”

Based in Western Australia, deHaas regularly documents the local marine life there, and his encounters with friendly aquatic animals for his Instagram. Credit: Dylan deHaas via Storyful

Video Transcript