District 7-4A, 8-4A softball and baseball superlatives, all-district teams

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Below is a list of area all-district baseball and softball teams.

Siegel captured the 7-4A softball tournament title and Rockvale finished second in the tournament before both were eliminated in the region.

Smyrna finished first in the 8-4A softball tournament and Stewarts Creek was runner-up before the Lady Red Hawks defeated the Lady Bulldogs in the region finals. Stewarts Creek ultimately advanced to state.

Riverdale won the 7-4A baseball tournament championship and region title before ultimately reaching the state tournament. Rockvale finished second in the tournament before losing in the region.

Stewarts Creek won the District 8-4A baseball tournament title, took runner-up in the region and advanced to the state tournament.

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District 7-4A baseball

Coach of the Year: Barry Messer (Riverdale).

Player of the Year: Bradley Pippin (Riverdale).

Right-handed Pitcher of the Year: Matt Kirby (Seigel).

Left-handed Pitcher of the Year: Cade Hitson (Riverdale).

Pitchers: Kadin Brandon (Oakland), Bryce Floyd (Rockvale), Drew Henning (Riverdale), Scout Martin (Blackman), Joe Mullaney (Oakland), Jackson Underwood (Riverdale).

Catcher: Brantley Bamberg (Riverdale).

First baseman: Dylan Dapolito (Blackman).

Middle infielders: Merik Carter (Rockvale), Evan Grant (Blackman), Jacob Lester (Oakland), Michael McClellan (Riverdale), Cale Vinson (Oakland).

Third baseman: Quinten Pepelia (Siegel).

Designated hitter: William Wexler (Riverdale).

Outfielders: Hunter Wrather (Oakland), Brody Ballou (Siegel), Aiden Peralta (Rockvale), Jaxon Ward (Blackman).

Honorable Mention: Lane Akers (Siegel), Grayson King (Riverdale), Carson Love (Oakland), Jaxon Pridgen (Riverdale), Dylan Rodgers (Siegel), Nick Romagno (Siegel), Ben Turner (Blackman), Caleb Jordan (Riverdale).

District 8-4A baseball

Stewarts Creek's Brett Vondohlen (18) pitches against Centennial during the 2022 Class 4A State Baseball Tournament on Tuesday, May 24, 2022.
Stewarts Creek's Brett Vondohlen (18) pitches against Centennial during the 2022 Class 4A State Baseball Tournament on Tuesday, May 24, 2022.

Player of the Year: Brett Vondohlen (Stewarts Creek).

Pitcher of the Year: Caleb Peterson (Stewarts Creek).

Coach of the Year: Mike Bartlett (Stewarts Creek).

Antioch: Sammy Balderas, Tremaine Jones, Jaden Cathaway (honorable mention), Devin Tussie (honorable mention).

Cane Ridge: Giovanni Murguia, Marceon Matthews, Dion Hicks (honorable mention).

La Vergne: Caleb Lund, Edixon, Urdaneta, Brenden Hagewood, Logan Williams (honorable mention).

Smyrna: Anthony Pastrana, Donovan Peebles, Jonathan Stewart, Brayden King, Jordan Gardner (honorable mention).

Stewarts Creek: Cooper Newsom, Zachary Lawson, Luke Dymond, Bryce Jackson, Gage Hoover, Nate Severance, Lex Falsone (honorable mention).

District 7-4A softball

Most Valuable Player: Reagan Duran (Siegel).

Best Offensive Player: Mary Beth Bryan (Rockvale).

Best Defensive Player: Jasmine Sneed (Siegel), Esther McFarlin (Riverdale).

Pitcher of the Year: Mary Bradley (Siegel), Becca Komers (Riverdale).

Rookie of the Year: Gabi Lyons (Oakland), Bella Harbour (Siegel).

Blackman: Sarah Kinderdine.

Oakland: Kaya Buckley, Cheyenne Lester, Onnika Spencer.

Riverdale: Jada Moore, Skylar Rachal, Sami Anderson, Reese Haun.

Rockvale: Taylor Rudolph, Macey Harris, Mallory Williams.

Siegel: Hope Keeton, Emilee Hawkes, Lexi Medlock, Maddie McIntyre.

District 8-4A softball

Most Valuable Player: Reese Vivrette (Stewarts Creek).

Best Defensive Player: Brooke Ramsey (Stewarts Creek).

Best Offensive Player: Charlotte Marcrum (Smyrna).

Pitcher of the Year: Grace Fujino (Stewarts Creek).

Newcomer of the Year: Adaeze Nwogbo (Smyrna).

Antioch: Joy Logston, Amanda Stuart (honorable mention).

Cane Ridge: Janiya Clemmons, Grace Busby, Ariel Woods (honorable mention).

La Vergne: Kori Grimes, Trinity Brown, Bailey Bobbitt, Miyana Condra (honorable mention).

Smyrna: Brylee Bartley, Emma McDonald, Riley Gray, Kennadee Lawrence, Anna Lay (honorable mention).

Stewarts Creek: Emily Pflueger, Kadin Shattles, Hannah McMeen, Emilie Bryan, Hannah Foster, Kenzie Ramsey (honorable mention).

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