Dismal defense plagues the Lions in high-scoring loss to the Seahawks

Shortly after halftime of the Detroit Lions Week 4 48-45 loss to the Seattle Seahawks, the Lions’ radio broadcast feed came back from a commercial break, the rejoin music was appropriate.


The oddly peppy song from Swedish metal band Ghost about the bubonic plague was a great musical choice for Detroit’s day. There were a lot of catchy little tunes from the Lions, but you never forgot that the home team was firmly ensconced in a plague of misery. No matter how pleasant the Lions offense tried to make the tune, the defensive song remained the same.

“In times of turmoil, in times like these.”


Detroit’s offense was impressive throughout the day in spite of missing several key players. Alas, Seattle’s offense was just a little better, and the Lions’ wretched defense had a lot to do with that Seahawks success.

“There still coming after you…

And there’s nothing you can do”

The ending chorus from the song sang directly into the ears of the Lions offense. No matter how good they played, they were always playing catch-up because their own defense stunk. Aaron Glenn’s unit gave up almost 550 yards of offense. Seattle converted 8-of-11 third downs, often gaining scads more yardage than needed. They put a nail in the coffin with a 7-yard run on 3rd-and-5 when every person in the civilized world knew the exact play they would run.


Story originally appeared on Lions Wire