"Disgraced" Prince Andrew is Reportedly Furious After His Police Guard is to Be Axed

There are lots of perks that come with being a working member of the Royal Family. Not only does it involve having a free place to live, free transportation, and all living and travel expenses covered, but family members are also provided with around-the-clock security. When Harry and Meghan decided to step down from their roles as working Royals, losing publicly funded police protection was their biggest gripe. In fact, the couple is now suing over it.

Now, according to a new report, there is another member of the family who is losing his gun cops – Prince Andrew – and he is ready to fight over losing the major perk. Keep reading to learn more— and to explore the secrets of the Royal Family, don't miss these Biggest Royal Romance Scandals of All Time.


Prince Andrew Has Allegedly Enjoyed Free Security for a Year

In January 2022, the disgraced Prince was stripped of his official duties. However, over the past year, he has still enjoyed the luxury of free protection at the taxpayers' expense. This perk is set to expire in mid-December. 


He Is Allegedly Angry That He Is Losing the Taxpayer-Funded Security

According to The Sun, Prince Andrew is going to formally complain about the decision. "He is going to write to the Home Office and the Met Police to complain about losing his taxpayer-funded security," a source told the publication. 


It Allegedly Costs the Country Up to £3 Million Annually

Andrew's security reportedly costs taxpayers up to £3 million a year, and the public is likely to lash out against the demand. Mainly because the country is in financial crisis and there is little chance of the 62-year-old ever returning to his role as a working Royal. 


He Is "In Disgrace"

"He doesn't seem to understand that he's in disgrace and people don't want to hear from him any more — especially him with his begging bowl," a senior Labour MP said. "I know he has a title, but that doesn't mean he is entitled to taxpayer-funded protection. I know families who don't know if they will be able to afford their kids' Christmas presents this year.


Prince Andrew's Spokesperson Declined to Comment

When asked by The Sun about the situation, Prince Andrew's spokesperson responded: "The Home Office said: "It is our long-standing policy not to provide detailed information on protective security."