How Can Digital Healthcare Translate to Physical Health? Kilo Health Talks Specifics

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Kilo Health Talks About the Transition from Physical to Digital in Healthcare

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 1, 2021 / Kilo Health is a leader in digital health, but what exactly does that mean for the average person? How can virtual tools make for stronger minds and bodies? We look at the answers to these questions and how new apps like Klinio and Cardi Health are paving the way to health through better habits.

Digital healthcare has been hailed as the next big thing for patients today. In a sector like this, one where quality can drastically range from one professional to the next, the gaps can be huge. Companies like Kilo Health are doing what they can to create programs and apps that will consistently help all of the people using them, so they can start feeling better on a regular basis. We look at how the digital and physical relationship and how Kilo identified the connections.

Apps that Work

"The apps developed by us were inspired by patients - not programmers. User-friendliness and practical data were the two main priorities for the company, and it shows in the final products." - explains Kasparas Aleknavičius, Head of Medical Affairs at Kilo Health.

People with diabetes can log into Klinio for helpful, sustainable tips about how to manage their condition. Insomniacs can try Sensa when they're at the end of their rope about how to get a good night's sleep. People who have hypertension can get real-time insight into how their condition is changing when they sign up with Cardi Health. These are just a few developments that Kilo has made as of late, and it's inspiring people to make changes for themselves.

The Kilo Health team prioritizes behavioral change and habit formation, primarily because this is a gateway to lasting improvement. By giving people everything from tips to a better understanding of what their health conditions are, digital health is providing a constant source of healthcare rather than the intermittent attention that most patients are used to.

Real Advice, Real Results

While every healthcare professional is different, many of them live in a world where reality has little to do with the advice that they give out. They might tell a patient to eat more fruits and vegetables, without realizing that they live in a food desert. Or they might order expensive tests without realizing that the person will ultimately have to pay for each one out of pocket.

"We have spent plenty of time gathering the feedback from our customers and heard about their need for better ways to take care of their health." - said Aleknavičius.

The company also partners with other organizations such as Digital Therapeutics Alliance to get a better idea of which trends are impacting the public (for better or for worse). It's this kind of analysis that helps people make small steps forward instead of being overwhelmed by an uphill battle toward better health.

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