Dentist reveals how she can tell you're pregnant just by looking in your mouth

A dentist on TikTok is going viral after she revealed one of the early signs of pregnancy that can be found in your mouth!. Fourth year DDS student and TikToker, @thatdentalgal_, . said, "not only due to the nausea and enamel erosion, but due to something called pregnancy gingivitis, which is seen in 30-50% of pregnant patients". "Gums become inflamed, tender, and more prone to bleeding," she goes on to explain. As reported by HealthLine, pregnancy gingivitis can be one of the early symptoms of pregnancy, developing as early as 8 weeks. The reason for this, they explain, is that during pregnancy, progesterone levels are high, which can cause the development of bacterial plaque that can attack gums. This can lead to tooth decay, loose teeth, and, as @thatdentalgal explained, pregnancy gingivitis. TikTok was shocked by this dental revelation — and many started wondering if their own gums were providing clues. "Not me checking my teeth in the mirror after watching this video," one anxious user commented