Dentist breaks down ‘scary’ TikTok hacks and what young people can do instead

Dr. Amber Bonnaig is a dentist and Dental Director of DentaQuest in Georgia. She gives In The Know the rundown on all the TikTok dental hacks you should avoid. And quite frankly she found a lot of them "a little scary". Despite TikTokers promoting hydrogen peroxide as a teeth whitener, the doctor — and most dentists — warn against it. Instead, she suggests opting for over-the- counter or professional treatments specifically designed to brighten teeth. It probably goes without saying but nail files aren't made to be used on teeth. If you're unhappy with a tooth's shape or size, stick with the pros and consult a dentist. most people don't pluck a hair whenever they need to floss. somehow the idea became ubiquitous on TikTok. "using strands of hair can [...] lead to irreversible harm to the gums" . Now you can get a plaque scraper on Amazon or other online retailers. However, that doesn't mean you've got the skills to use the pro tool as some TikTokers suggest. TikTokers have started making their own dentures out of moldable plastic. moldable plastic is a choking hazard since it's not as secure as real dentures. When it comes down to it, most "dental hacks" are best done in your dentist's office than at home