Demrick, Abstrakt Vapes, I/O Extracts Partner To Launch Delta-9 Cannabis Vape, Accompanying Headphones

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Abstrakt Vapes, I/O Extracts, famed rapper Demrick and producer Tony Choc have teamed up to bring a premium vape experience to Arizona.

Dubbed Berry Blessed OG, the vapes feature Delta-9 THC Water Clear distillate, a kind of hard-to-obtain-and-maintain raw distillate that has been purified into its natural state (clear) and is fully activated.

Natural Berry Runtz-strain terpenes are then reintroduced to the product for taste and smell.

“For me, this collaboration is a special one. Once I learned about the process of making water clear [distillate] and how clean it is, plus all the positive effects it has for the user, I got excited,” Demrick told Benzinga.

“I wanna keep being a part of products in the cannabis market that I believe in...and connecting them to music is what I’m all about.”

Many Uses

Delta 9 Water Clear products can be used in many ways and are said to offer several interesting benefits, ranging from appetite stimulation and anti-inflammatory properties to pain and nausea relief, the makers assure.

“Water Clear is made for heavy hitters or people who are in extreme need of medical benefits or high THC,” they say. “Smaller hits have bigger effects than normal distillate because of how ultra-refined the product is.”

To accompany the release of Demrick and Tony Choc’s album “Blessing On The Way,” the team has also dropped a line of branded Bluetooth headphones.

“Whether it’s recreational or medicinal use, I wanted people to have an opportunity to get a full experience that’s why we made custom headphones for this collaboration as well,” Demrick added. “Music and cannabis have always gone hand in hand, in my opinion, and being able to offer a personal listening experience after vaping ‘Berry Blessed OG’ sounded like a great idea to myself and Tony Choc.”

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