Democrats will be running on their failures in the 2022 midterm elections

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With another much-hyped piece of legislation going down in flames, Democrats are preparing to run in 2022 on their failures. Their plan is to complain that they can’t do whatever they want and hope that people go along.

Democrats saw their partisan election reform bill fail in the Senate. They made one grand compromise, with a Democrat, agreeing to allow a vote on West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin’s alternative proposal that includes a voter ID requirement, which Democrats were absurdly likening to Jim Crow just a few months ago.

They knew this bill would fail. It was a messaging bill, one that didn’t even enjoy Manchin's genuine support. They couldn’t even win over centrist GOP senators such as Maine’s Susan Collins or Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski. The fact is, Democrats aren’t interested in governing. They are pushing progressive legislation, knowing that it will fail, so they can follow up by complaining that Republicans exist.

This has been the Democratic agenda for the first few months of unified Democratic control. They pushed a “pay equity” bill they knew would fail to win GOP support, given that it was based on the false premise of the “gender pay gap.” They pushed a $15 federal minimum wage that they knew would fail because Republicans wouldn’t sign on to decimate small businesses across the country. That one backfired when eight Democrats joined the GOP in opposition.

The only thing Democrats have achieved with their legislative majority was a series of progressive spending priorities dressed up as a coronavirus relief bill. That included unemployment benefits that have held the economy down and hampered businesses trying to recover from the pandemic by encouraging prospective workers not to look for jobs.

So the grand Democratic accomplishment during President Joe Biden’s first few months is a stimulus bill that is doing all it can to prevent a better bounce back from the pandemic.

The agenda since has been pushing policies they know have no chance of passing so they can complain about Republicans. It couldn’t be a better platform for the 2022 midterm elections, at least for the Republicans running against them.

The best argument Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer can make is that they are ineffective because of their own hyperpartisanship — so please, just give them a little more power!

That, of course, is why they made a whole news cycle about Republicans voting against a Jan. 6 commission, only for Pelosi to end up creating one anyway without a vote. Trying to paint the GOP as the hyperpartisan party through failed legislation isn’t working. The best they have is incessantly invoking the Jan. 6 riot.

Republicans couldn’t ask for better circumstances. Democrats will be demanding that the voters who gave them slim majorities upgrade them to a massive, filibuster-proof majority while they ignore issues such as the border to waste their time on power grabs that have no chance of passing. Much like their underwhelming showing in 2016, Democrats will be in for a reality check next year.

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