Demi Lovato premieres Trump-slamming single at Billboard Music Awards

Singer and activist Demi Lovato is not afraid of getting political, and during Wednesday's Billboard Music Awards she did just that with the world-premiere of her new single “Commander in Chief.” The new song is directed at U.S.’s commander in chief, President Trump, and references multiple political issues, including the recent protests for social justice reform. The song contains the lyrics, “Commander in chief, honestly if I did the things you do I couldn't sleep.” It even references the nation’s and Trump’s own battle with COVID-19. “We're in a state of crisis, people are dying while you line your pockets deep. Commander in chief how does it feel to still be able to breathe?” Prior to her performance, Lovato defended the new single saying, “I have a right to political views.” Based on the reaction on social media to her performance, viewers agreed.