DB Schenker Releases Americas Logistics Video Series with Spotlight on Miami as a Strategic Gateway for International Trade

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As one of the world’s leading logistics service providers, DB Schenker recently released an acclaimed video series focused on key logistics gateways in the Americas. Through a series of five short videos, the global organization is putting the spotlight on the World Trade Center in Miami, Miami International Airport (MIA), ProColombia, DB Schenker’s own Miami operations center and MIA air freight operations.

In Q&As hosted by DB Schenker, Ivan Barrios and Alice Ancona of the World Trade Center, MIA’s Emir Peneda and ProColombia’s Ricardo Pedroza discuss Miami’s strategic importance and the role that their organizations play in the region’s global trade activities. From the global logistics perspective, Christoph Hemmann and David Walton of DB Schenker talk about MIA and the many services and opportunities that it provides to shippers.

As one of the top airports in the USA for international freight last year, MIA is an international cargo hub for the distribution of perishable products, high-tech commodities, telecommunications equipment, textiles, pharmaceuticals, and industrial machinery. “Cargo has been part of MIA’s DNA right from the beginning (the airport opened in 1928),” said Emir Pineda, Section Chief Passenger Trade & Logistics Development for the airport. “We move about 2.8 million tons of cargo every year, which puts MIA among the top cargo airports worldwide.”

As one of the first airport to be certified as an IATA Pharmaceutical Freight Hub, MIA is home to seven different airlines that came together to form that hub. “During the pandemic, we became a distribution point for vaccines throughout the region and on the national level,” said Pineda. “We knew how to process, efficiently move and transport the pharmaceuticals into the region and particularly to the markets that needed it most.”

As CEO and COO of the World Trade Center, respectively, Ivan Barrios and Alice Ancona discuss the organization’s important role in helping small and midsized companies explore international business opportunities in Florida. The group offers pre-clearance programs that facilitate trade through MIA, for example, and an ocean-to-air pilot program focused on receiving perishable goods from overseas via ocean transport and shipping them out via air freight through MIA.

“This is the only pilot program of its kind in Florida,” said Ancona. The organization also offers various programs in conjunction with regulatory agencies that help guide importers through the process of getting their products into the US. “We also partner with industry and federal agencies to not only help drive more traffic through our airport and Miami as a whole,” said Barrios, “but to also get them up to speed on the latest programs, new guidelines, and the special pre-clearance programs that we have here in Miami.”

A government agency in charge of promoting Colombian non-traditional exports, international tourism and foreign investment to the country, ProColombia works with a wide variety of companies and stakeholders that want to do business with the US. “The US is the most important commercial ally for Colombia, in terms of direct foreign investment, tourism, and trade,” said Ricardo Pedroza, Executive Director of ProColombia in the United States. “From flowers and textiles to bananas and auto parts, a lot of goods and services are being traded between the US and Colombia.”

Rounding out DB Schenker’s new Americas video series are Christoph Hemmann, Head of Air Freight for the company’s Americas region, and David Walton, Facility Security Manager and Manager of TSA Compliance in Miami. Walton discussed the Certified Canine Screening Program, TSA’s Known Shipper Management System, and the Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF) program, which ensures that DB Schenker can screen freight at a higher rate at the same amount of time using fewer resources.

“The cargo can be transported straight to the airline because it's already screened,” said Walton. “This ensures that our customers always get the best quality of service.”

In his video, Hemmann discussed the airport’s growth plans and DB Schenker’s 12-18 month plan in the region and also touched on some of the key issues that shippers are facing in the current logistics environment. He said the lack of labor and existing transportation infrastructure being 30-40 years old are two of the biggest challenges.

“We need to modernize and it’s not just about building new modern facilities or being faster and more efficient,” Hemmann said. “It’s also about how we process freight, digitalize and bring everyone together—shipper, customer, airline, airport and forwarder—to make it happen as a group and improve supply chain efficiency in the future.”

To view the full videos, click on the link here.

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Left to Right: Greg Chin, Miami-Dade Aviation Department. Emir Pineda, Miami International Airport. Christine Alexis, DB Schenker. Mariana Bermudez, DB Schenker. Yosdeny Zayas, DB Schenker. Davíd Waltton, MPA, HRPM, Miami International Airport.
Left to Right: Greg Chin, Miami-Dade Aviation Department. Emir Pineda, Miami International Airport. Christine Alexis, DB Schenker. Mariana Bermudez, DB Schenker. Yosdeny Zayas, DB Schenker. Davíd Waltton, MPA, HRPM, Miami International Airport.

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