David Uhl named Fairfield County Board of DD Superintendent

FAIRFIELD COUNTY − The Fairfield County Board of Developmental Disabilities has named Dr. David Uhl as Superintendent, beginning Jan. 1.

Uhl, who currently serves as Assistant Superintendent, will replace John Pekar.

Uhl said that being named the board's new superintendent is a great honor to him after being on staff for 10 years.

"Moving up to the superintendent position is quite an honor for me," said Uhl. "I've worked for Fairfield DD for the last ten years in various positions and to be able to move into this position and continue to build on the legacy of our superintendent who's leaving at the end of December is an unbelievable honor."

Starting at Fairfield County Board of Developmental Disabilities in 2012 as Director of Business Development and Government Relations, Uhl has moved his way up over the past 10 years on his way to earning the top executive position. In addition to his work with the board, Uhl serves as president of Lancaster City Council and District Governor-Elect for Rosary District 6690.

As superintendent, Uhl said his role will be to act as chief executive of the board. He said that he will look to lead the direction of the agency forward, build and lead a team, and ensure the funds needed are available.

Uhl said that his plans for the board are to continue to move forward towards the mission that they have committed to.

"Our plans are to continue to move our mission forward," said Uhl. "We exist to bring about a vibrant community where people lead fulfilling lives and make meaningful contributions. Every day we're working to move that mission forward, every day we are working to support people on their journey towards greater independence, everyday this is what we do."

Uhl will oversee the Fairfield County Board of DD's $22 million budget which is primarily funded by local levies. The remainder of those funds come from federal and state dollars.

"The people of Fairfield County have been unbelievably supportive of Fairfield DD and the work that we're doing each day," said Uhl. "We're so thankful for the continued support. We work hard to be good stewards of the dollars that the taxpayers entrust to us."

In addition to having a sizeable budget, the Fairfield County Board of DD staffs about 165 employees.

Uhl signed a two-year contract with the Fairfield County Board of DD worth $137,030.40.

According to Uhl, Fairfield County has a strategic alliance with Vinton County, which is a way to partner with another county's board to reduce expenses. For Uhl, this means he will serve as superintendent at both Fairfield and Vinton's boards starting in January.

"That reduces the overall burden to the Fairfield County taxpayer," said Uhl.

This article originally appeared on Lancaster Eagle-Gazette: David Uhl named Fairfield County Board of DD Superintendent