New Dating App, Lantern, Provides an Entertainment Driven Approach to Online Dating

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Lantern looks to Change the Dating Game, One Thought-Provoking Narrative at a Time

Lantern, the newly launched dating app, puts the fun back into online dating by immersing its users in virtual, movie-like scenarios that change with each answer, matching them with others on the same path.

As the first dating app to leverage gamification technology, Lantern combines relationship psychology, a weighted algorithm, alluring design, and a dash of destiny to offer a deeper and more meaningful online dating experience.

Lantern differentiates itself by taking you on a journey that changes with each selection. After an answer is chosen, "You just won 50 million dollars, the jet is fueled up. Where do you go?" the very next screen shows other people who made the same choice. Not only does Lantern provide an honest way to meet someone, but it’s also a great way to break the ice, 'Hey, we both said ’St. Tropez'. Have you been before?’ The Lantern inbox is filled with potential dates who want to talk about someone’s favorite topics.

"Online dating began to feel like a second job. We lost that sense of adventure and excitement that comes with meeting new people," says Lantern creator, Yehuda J Neuman. "So we created an experience that makes the process of dating fun, introspective and connective... we all deserve to find someone who appreciates how unique we are."

While it starts off fun the app packs some real psychology behind it. The structure was created by founders Caroline Gyllensporre and Yehuda Neuman based on his father’s work, M Gary Neuman, a licensed psychotherapist and award-winning New York Times best-selling author. Neuman has been the subject of 12 shows with Oprah Winfrey, more than 50 on Today Show segments, Anderson Cooper, Katie Couric, Steve Harvey and more. Oprah even dubbed him one of "the best psychotherapists in the world". The extensive knowledge and resources of the Lantern team continue to ensure the app delivers entertainment and psychological value to its users.

Lantern eliminates the mundane action of swiping through endless amounts of people solely based on physical appearance by allowing users to uncover their own storyline through engaging questions. The new ad-free dating app is free to use with the option to pay for its premium service. Lantern is now available for free and can be downloaded in the app store here.

About Lantern:

Launched in 2021 by Yehuda J Neuman and Caroline Gyllensporre, Lantern makes online dating fun by immersing users in playful scenarios with outcomes they can choose, using compelling questions and thought-provoking storylines. The experience was created with a unique focus on entertaining users and incorporating psychology backed by Oprah featured psychologist and New York Times best-selling author, M Gary Neuman. Lantern ambitiously aims to entertain, and connect, all at the same time. More information about Lantern can be found at and the app can be downloaded here.

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