'Dark Dining' experiences pop-up this spring at secret locations

Melody Baetens, The Detroit News
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Mar. 4—Dining in the dark: it's a unique dining concept that's grown in popularity across the globe over the past few years.

Buy a ticket, a chef plans out the meal, maybe a beverage expert pairs some wines, and upon arrival diners willingly blindfold themselves before taking a single bite. The point of it is to awaken your sense of smell and taste while giving your eyes (and in one case, your phone) the night off.

Tickets for two such events in Metro Detroit — "Dining in the Dark" and "Pitch Black" this May and June — are on sale now. Here are the details for each:

Pitch Black — Dining in the Dark: Detroit

Organized by Australian-based Hidden Media Network, Pitch Black will serve on various evenings May 20-June 3 at an undisclosed location in Metro Detroit.

Cellphones, photography, lighters, matches and other light sources are prohibited during this 90-minute dining experience, which includes a two-course meal and a drink. The menu is a secret as well, but dietary restrictions can be accounted for.

Pitch Black is restricted to guests ages 21 and older, and they must pre-book at explorehidden.com/event/details/pitch-black-dining-in-the-dark-detroit-1549405. Tickets are $80 per person.

Dining in the Dark

Global events company Fever, is hosting an "immersive experience" called Dining in the Dark at an undisclosed restaurant in Metro Detroit during select dates in May and June.

Those who purchased tickets, also $80, will be given the details of the secret location. Once seated in the candlelit room, guests will be given velvet blindfolds and served a seasonal and completely "bespoke" meal crafted especially for the event.

Unlike Pitch Black, Dining in the Dark by Fever does allow photography, and is open to diners 18 and older. Visit feverup.com/m/95826 to view available dates and purchase tickets.

Those interested in either experience should purchased tickets as soon as possible, as some dates and times for both events have already sold out.

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