Dan Campbell: I think we’re going to shake things up here a little bit

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The Lions are now the league’s one remaining winless team after Jacksonville beat Miami and Detroit lost to Cincinnati on Sunday.

There’s an argument to be made that they shouldn’t be, given the unique, last-second losses the team suffered to the Ravens and the Vikings. But the record is the record and Detroit heads into a Week Seven matchup with the Rams 0-6.

So first-year head coach Dan Campbell is going to change some things in the coming days — from the structure of practice to personnel.

“There are a couple things. I would say all of the above,” Campbell said, via Kyle Meinke of MLive.com. “I don’t want to get too far into where that’ll go, as far as the roster, but we’re looking at that. I think we’re going to shake things up here a little bit.”

Campbell noted that he’s willing to look at everything.

“I’ve got about a million ideas just floating around up here right now as to what I want to do,” Campbell said.

Some of them seem to be about the offense’s tempo. Campbell mentioned wanting to go faster on offense after the game on Sunday as a way to production, but that didn’t work out during the loss to Cincinnati.

“As it pertains to practice, there are a couple of things that I have in my head as to which way I want to go with it,” Campbell said. “I do want to change it up and see if I can get us into more of a rhythm or tempo early, just to get us going offensively and defensively. I said this yesterday, but this is what we wanted to — we wanted to come in this game and really come out of the gates, and we did not do that. We went the opposite way. I think there are some things in practice we have to do to at least see if we can supercharge ourselves somewhat.”

The Lions have lost all their games, but until Sunday, they had been competitive while doing it. With a matchup against the Rams looming, Campbell will have to get his club to perform at its best to have a chance to beat L.A.

Dan Campbell: I think we’re going to shake things up here a little bit originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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