Your Daily TeenScope for May 19, 2022

·3 min read

Let’s face it—most “teen” horoscopes are written by folks whose ages haven’t ended with “-teen” since 2002 and are subsequently pretty cringe. We can’t guarantee that our daily horo will never be cringe, but we can guarantee that it’ll at least be useful.


You're mutable and able to change shape and direction without altering your core substance. The joy of transfiguration and transformation delights and amazes you and those who witness your growth.


Heat descends into a relationship, turning a regular process into a sizzling affair. Adjusting to the new temperature may take a little while, but an intellectual connection soon follows that lifts your mood.


The bigger the talk, the slower you move. You're all about constructing castles of logic and philosophy, but getting out of the house may take some actual, serious effort.


You're unswerving and unstoppable at the moment, and you're focused on the end result. By discarding the extra weight, you'll gain speed and move closer to your ideal and objective.


An almost spiritual desire to communicate with others lets you open up and be truly intimate with a friend. As you share big dreams and little secrets, the friendship will begin to rise like a loaf in a warm oven.

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If a shadow falls across an important document, take the time to move toward a bright light and read carefully. Attention to detail gets you everything you need, so choose only when ready and speak clearly.


You are in the mood for an adventure of some kind -- grab a friend and head out into the world to see what you can dig up. Things should be awesome, especially since it's summer and you have all the time in the world to explore and grow.


The day is within your control, and it can be either great or horrid. So look for a neon-bright goodness and gravitate toward the people who love you back, because you can spin the day like a Frisbee in flight.


Varying levels of perceived possibility leads to a conversational hiatus when someone pooh-poohs an idea. It'll take your masterwork to get things in motion and prove that possibility is on your side.


Your to-do list has gotten rather heavy lately, so start exercising your check marks and get rid of those chores, item by item. You can shake free of the tyranny of what you should be doing by getting it done!


When your mind starts running at hyperspeed, inspiring fast, big decisions, you feel fabulously in control. As long as you check your navigational charts and stay in the correct orbit, you have every right to rejoice.


Just because you can fire off messages instantly doesn't mean you should, so think carefully and consider what you'll say before you press send. Tactical planning will win you more than just isolated battles.

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