Your Daily Singles Horoscope for December 07, 2022

Though the peace of single life can’t be beat, it’s always nice to have someone to curl up with at the end of the day. The path to your next cuddle buddy is only a click away with our singles horoscope.


That quick temper of yours isn't far below the surface, and you might even snap at someone you like. Bite your tongue and keep out of the way for now so you don't alienate anybody.


You're the patient, warmhearted, reliable one, always with a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. Your friends have those attributes too, and they won't think less of you if you utilize them now.


How someone's perceiving you may not match up with who you truly are. Be clear about your values and outlook, and remember that actions speak louder than words. Show your real self instead of talking about it.


You've just got a really good vibe at the moment. Yes, they're looking at you, so gaze right back. How about a big smile? Work your good energy in the love department and it will do the same for you.


Don't let someone else's advice or opinion override your own sense of the situation or impression of the person. No one knows what or who is right for you like you do, so listen to your heart.

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Talk about confusion. Everything is up in the air, and everyone's running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Big romantic progress is unlikely, though you never know what might happen in all this flux!


Opposing emotions and opinions are oddly close together right now, and practically interchangeable in some cases. You'll probably change your mind immediately about any decision.


What's your pleasure? It's one of those days when, if you just think about it, it's quite likely to appear. Since you're a magician, how about pulling a little romance out of a hat?


Romantic matters may be neither here nor there at the moment. You're in your own little world, and probably pretty darn happy about it. Enjoy your independence and learning more about yourself.


How do things look through those rose-colored glasses? You're feeling fabulous, and others are responding in kind. Suspend your disbelief, at least for the moment, and enjoy the magic that's happening.


Maybe you're socially overcommitted, with a double- or triple-booked evening on the horizon, or perhaps you're just plain tired. Don't feel bad about (politely) bailing out and putting yourself first now.


Forget about cocooning. You're a total butterfly now, entrancingly gorgeous and light as air. It's the perfect mode for socializing, not to mention flirting. It's up to you where you alight next.

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