‘Daily Show’s Trevor Noah Exposes Uvalde Police Lies

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Comedy Central
Comedy Central

Nearly a month after the massacre that left 19 children and two teachers dead in Uvalde, Texas, much of the country seems to have moved on. But The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah couldn’t ignore the latest revelations about the shockingly inadequate response from police.

“While shootings like this are always traumatic, this particular one has been made worse by how the police in Uvalde have responded,” the host said on Tuesday. “They didn’t go in, they waited for an hour, and then they even stopped parents from trying to save their own kids. And if that wasn’t bad enough, they’ve been trying to block information about that day from coming out.”

After showing new images of officers inside the school building with semi-automatic rifles and ballistic shields, and news reports that revealed the door to the classroom where the shooter was “couldn’t have been locked from the inside,” as police previously claimed, Noah said, “This story keeps on getting worse and worse.”

While we “already knew” that the officers “waited far too long to confront the shooter,” he said that now we also know that they “lied about not having enough weapons to go in.”

“What else were they waiting for, the invincible star from Mario?” Noah asked. “Get the fuck in the room! How did they not go in? They didn’t even try to get in the classroom. They didn’t even try!”

Noah joked that even people waiting outside a locked bathroom at Starbucks will “jiggle the handle” just to make sure it’s occupied.

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“And you know what’s insane about this whole story?” he asked. “The one time it would have been appropriate to go in guns blazing, the cops decide to have a picnic outside. But if you’re Black or have a broken taillight, then all of a sudden they go all Rambo on your ass.”

All of this is “another reminder,” he argued, that “you can’t just trust what police say” and journalists “shouldn’t be reporting what the police said, they should be reporting what actually happened.”

“Because time and time again, we learn that cops in America basically use the same principle as toddlers,” Noah concluded. “They’ll tell the truth, but only as long as it doesn’t get them in trouble.”

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