Your Daily MomScope for October 01, 2022

It takes a village to raise a child. Sometimes we need a little extra guidance from the stars to manage motherhood. Momscope is here to help.


It may take extra time to swing into action today. But once you get it in gear, there'll be no stopping you! Just don't expect your child to be as excited as you are at the prospect of a shopping jaunt. That's okay -- you'll get more done solo.


Your checkbook juggling act is boffo. You paid your baby's necessities first and managed to put some away in savings, and still have a small surplus. Plans for what to do with the extra cash are still up in the air.


Someone has to head the school or day care committee. Speak up and that person could easily be you! At first not everyone's on board with your many ideas, but clever words -- your specialty -- prove highly motivating.


Things seem to come at you from left field today. Which leaves you uncertain and feeling like you're playing catch up. Slow down and enjoy the ride with your kiddo. You're able to match all high spirits and keep the upper hand.


A restless spirit prompts a safari today. Pack the kids in the caravan and head off on an impromptu mall safari. Explore new regions and have the kiddos identify the wildlife. The hunt for a bargain may prove elusive.

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You're in the mood to experience something new. Why not head on over to another part of town to try some exotic cuisine. There's so much to experience, and the kiddo will learn so much. Let them explore to their heart's content.


Your little tyke is due for another lesson about indulging too much. It's natural that sometimes their eyes will be bigger than their little tummies. Setting a good example will be difficult today, but try your best.


The routine has been getting a little, well, routine. Your nose can't always be to the grindstone, you know. Find a way to add some excitement and a few welcome diversions to the day's schedule, for yourself and the kids.


It's a day to be spontaneous, your specialty. Take the kiddo and pals out for an impromptu -- and healthy -- treat. Then stay in and surprise your other half after lights out. Wine, candles and soft music ought to do it.


A yen to hear the stories of your ancestors may have you pulling old videos out of the vault. Why not include your little ones? There are important stories they'll want to know in order to really appreciate where they came from.


Your little one's mind is like one big puzzle. They need to fit all the pieces together in order to have a happy day. Today you're able to gently guide them towards that goal -- and learn something useful while they're at it.


Your tyke's work of art will remind you of how important inner beauty is. If anyone is feeling down, they'll respond to it and be comforted. Give yourself credit -- the example you've provided has borne fruit.

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