Your Daily MomScope for January 28, 2022

·3 min read

It takes a village to raise a child. Sometimes we need a little extra guidance from the stars to manage motherhood. Momscope is here to help.


It's time to get a few things clear with your kiddo. They may have interpreted 'clean your room' to mean 'lie around and read comic books and do puzzles.' Be very specific and consistent and they'll get it right.


When it comes to the details, attention must be paid today. Read all the fine print, down to the last line, on contracts and warranties. And do an online check to make sure that bargain used crib or car seat isn't a recalled version.


If you're restless, it's because you need more intellectual stimulation. Today would be a great day for you and the little one to get out and meet folks they haven't met before. You just might make some new friends -- and so might they.


Today, you will want to take a walk on the wild side. Why not take our little one with you along that nature trail or to the animal park? You'll love watching them display untamed delight in all there is to learn there.


Break out the funny hats -- it's time for a party! No, it's not your birthday and there's no real reason for it. But you can still throw a fun shindig with some cake and streamers, and have a great time with the kiddos.

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You will find an opportunity today to communicate with others, whether friends or coworkers. Make sure you choose your words carefully -- a miscommunication could sour relations between you for a while.


You want to experience something novel today. Take your kiddo to a playground you've never been to, or perhaps out to the latest exhibit at the children's museum or a kid-friendly concert in the park. You'll both enjoy taking it all in.


Your baby is able to forgive and forget, why can't you? Take a cue from their ability to let it go: If they don't hold a grudge against another tyke who 'borrowed' their bike, maybe you shouldn't against the co-worker who 're-appropriated' your project.


Even though you've got a lot to do, try to find a way to keep your kiddo busy. What is busy time for you may be downtime for them, and they'll get easily bored if there aren't structured activities just for them.


Today is a perfect day to weed out the surplus. If your little one has too many toys, clothes, books or games, some have got to go. A charity will welcome the donation, and your child won't miss a single one.


This is a good day to start a buzz. It's been way too long since the office or committee had an event to be excited about, so whatever you initiate will be the talk of the water cooler. Your ideas are creative and right on target.


A little multitasking is good -- a lot is ridiculous! All that running around can tire you and your little one out. Take frequent breathers to regroup and re-energize yourselves. And remember to take a deep breath, literally.

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