Your Daily MomScope for February 06, 2023

It takes a village to raise a child. Sometimes we need a little extra guidance from the stars to manage motherhood. Momscope is here to help.


It's a day to be frank and open today. If you're upset with your little one about something, like the tantrum thing, lay it on the line. The clearer you are, the easier it will be for them to adjust their behavior.


Are you really on your true path? Today it'll be tested, perhaps through a job evaluation or some other feedback session at work. Of course, you don't need anyone to tell you you're happily into this mom thing for life.


Whether you're into today's holiday or not, you and your baby should spend time with extended family. Your little one needs some time to bond and build relationships with them, and this is a happy occasion to do so.


Having trouble with the work-life-kiddo balance? Reach out to someone older and wiser about it, or read their bio. Hearing stories of someone who has been through it all and made a success of it will inspire you today.


Spring (almost) fever has you setting off in all directions all at once. You want to get a jump on the shopping, plus clean the house and run errands. It's better to focus on one or two things to do today.

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Try to go with the flow today. The kiddo and friends may want to whip up green cookies and smoothies, which will make a mess of the kitchen. Take it in stride -- but make sure the food coloring is the non-staining kind.


You're restless and creative -- which proves a good combination for your tyke. Set up a treasure hunt or other game around a leprechaun theme. They'll love figuring out where the pot of gold lies!


If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Like when another mom gives you the stroller their tyke has outgrown. Make sure there aren't any hidden strings attached before you accept the gift.


It's a day that's about goodwill and celebration -- which suits you fine today! An impromptu party may break out at day care or a play date. You of all moms know how to improvise and have fun with your little one.


Tackle only those projects that require you to work behind the scenes today. You might help prepare the tyke for that science fair, dance routine or spelling bee. You'll be just as proud as if you participated yourself.


This is a great day to organize groups. The kiddos could use some outdoor time. Help them divide into teams and set a goal, and they'll have a blast playing games in the backyard.


You may have to deal with authority today. Even though you don't like confrontations, be as straight as possible with with the boss, as silence can be misinterpreted. That way, you'll both know where you stand.

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