Your Daily MomScope for December 09, 2022

It takes a village to raise a child. Sometimes we need a little extra guidance from the stars to manage motherhood. Momscope is here to help.


Watch as your baby uses charm to get what they want. They have but to smile and blow you lots of kisses, and the coveted cookie is theirs. If you try a similar approach today, you're more likely to get what you want, too.


The same old routine need not be dull. You can liven things up today if you try. Surprise your coworkers with some home-baked goodies. Or take the little one on an unscheduled mall safari. Use your imagination.


This is a high energy day in which you can give yourself up to the pleasure principle -- that is, that you should feel very good! Have a party, get a manicure, or treat yourself in some other way. Just make sure to enjoy!


A creative partnership might be coming your way. Perhaps if you team up with another mom, you can buy in bulk and save a bundle. Or you'll tackle a decorating project together. Keep an eye out for interesting prospects.


You are a loyal friend, who knows how to support your gal pals when they are down. Encourage your little one to do the same with their friends. They will be amazed at how their little circle widens -- and quickly.

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Your love of beauty spurs you on today. Why not take your baby for a stroller ride through an art exhibit or some other colorful display? They might not fully understand everything they see, but they will get a lot from the experience.


This promises to be a super day! You have plenty of energy to get that to-do list done, and still have time to take the tyke to practice. Later, actions speak much louder with your other half when it comes to a little romance.


You'll likely be feeling a bit introverted today. Since you don't feel like going out, ask another mom to take the tyke to practice today. A little 'me' time will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for anything.


This is a day all about hopes and wishes. With a little prompting, your kiddo will share theirs. Since you're in a position to help them to make that come true, go for it. And get ready for some thank you hugs and kisses.


This is a good day to initiate new policies. All toys in the toy box might be one. And that it's not mom's job might be another. Make sure your little one understands this fully, so there won't be any trouble later.


If you find that your kiddos are bouncing off the walls today, try a little shtick. Pull out your oldest material about chickens crossing roads or knock-knock jokes with long grey beards. It'll all be new (and hilarious) to them!


Inspired things can be accomplished today, such as the tyke's art project. Cover the walls with big pieces of paper and then turn them loose with some paintbrushes. When others ask what all the excitement is about, say 'abstract art.'

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