Your Daily MomScope for December 01, 2021

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It takes a village to raise a child. Sometimes we need a little extra guidance from the stars to manage motherhood. Momscope is here to help.


A review of the budget may be in order. If you look, you can find small ways to cut back. If your tyke has outgrown the dance or soccer gear, check out second-hand shops and swap meets for replacements. You could save a bundle.


Is there such a thing as death by chocolate? This is a day for decadence, so you might whip up your favorite cake and find out! The bonus is how much your other half and the young'un will appreciate it.


Sometimes being a parent seems like the hardest job in the world. Okay, make that all the time! Today, one issue may have you stumped. But if you talk it up with others at your Mommy and Me group, you'll find the solution is easier than you think.


Your baby is quite an original, so make sure they know this. Tell them each day what makes them special, and remind them to cherish their unique take on the world. This will pay off soon, and in unexpected ways.


Despite what your little one thinks, not every situation can be viewed as black or white, right or wrong. There are shades of gray that you may have to help them see today, even though this may be very confusing for them at first.

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Got an itchy foot? It's a sign that it's a good day to check out travel deals. You'll find some excellent bargains and have the patience to crunch all the numbers. Your child and other half will applaud your efforts.


Today, you will discover that your child has the kind of magnetic personality that draws other kids from near and far. Capitalize on this, and they'll be belle of the baby ball in no time. And no worries about filling their social calendar!


It's a good day to be as open-minded as possible with your tyke. If you try too hard to steer them in one direction, it will only set them off in another. Let them try out a little independence and attempt it on their own.


This is a good day to bring the big and small pictures into focus. If you focus only on your higher goals, you might miss a good opportunity right in front of you. Patience and balance are called for today.


Hey, take a break! Get out of the rut and do something enjoyable, like hitting the spa with the girls. If you make it a home party and share the costs, there's no need to feel any guilt whatsoever about the indulgence.


It's a good day for your little one to spend more time with older people. Except for the cheek pinching and the hundred-year-old mints, that is. Mostly, it's the stories and the way the old folks tell them.


Bon appetit! Treating the family to a delicious dinner will bring smiles all around. Let the little one help by washing the veggies or the dishes. They'll feel so grown up, and making a contribution will make it all that more exciting.

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