Your Daily MomScope for August 15, 2022

·3 min read

It takes a village to raise a child. Sometimes we need a little extra guidance from the stars to manage motherhood. Momscope is here to help.


You need an outlet for your boundless energy! Pull out the big guns and give your home a big fall cleaning. Enlist the tyke, who will have lots of fun squishing a sponge. Don't push them too hard, though, as they tend to be touchy today.


Home improvement heads your list of priorities today. Getting everyone on board for your projects may not go as smoothly as you anticipated. Patience is called for when the tyke balks at another shopping trip -- but fortunately that's your specialty.


You might be a little moody today but it's easily kept in check. In fact, doing so sets a good example for the tyke. They'll see that tantrums get them nowhere, except maybe a time out. After that, you're free to take it easy.


Partnership issues come to the fore. You may have to help the little one cope when they're teamed with a day care buddy they don't like. Later, instigate a couch cuddle with your other half and use the quiet time to discuss important issues.


Resist the urge to take on big new projects, like reorganizing the entire filing system in one day. Instead finish up those you've already started. The tyke will be glowing when you pitch in to finalize the important puppet show or tea party.

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You're a walking database when it comes to healing knowledge. You no doubt know what herbal tea will soothe another mom's nerves or which ointment works best for little scraped knees. Be ready to share this special information today.


This is an excellent day to impart one of life's little lessons to your baby. If they have too many cookies, encourage them to share the wealth. Their friends will love them, and so will the dentist when their teeth come in.


You've got drive to spare -- which is great if it's your turn to drive the day-care gang! The same initiative will shine at work as well. Let the people who matter know you're on the way up. Then just bide your time.


This is a good day to follow a whim. Head to the park? Go shopping? Wear a silly hat? It's all good as far as the tyke is concerned! Just curb some of your off-hand remarks, as they may sting a friend without meaning to.


Someone you know from day care may be getting a little too demanding. You did a favor for this person, now they want more from you. Find a way to politely dodge them, as you may tend to be quite blunt in expressing your feelings today.


Autumn leaves crunching underfoot remind you there's much to do -- so get cracking! Preparing the yard for winter gives you and the tyke a good workout. And the little one a valuable lesson in helping out, once they stop jumping in the pile of leaves.


You're in a mood to entertain and really roll out the red carpet. Your other half balks at a big expensive do, so scale back some of the menu. Meanwhile, the tyke will enjoy practicing for their close-up with the paparazzi.

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