Your Daily HomeScope for February 02, 2023

If home is where the heart is, why shouldn’t it follow the same stars that we do? Our relationships with our homes are sacred, and like most, could use a bit of counseling here and there. Tap on your sun sign and start making your house more of a home today!


Empty out your shopping bags and release the crumbs that have collected in the bottom. Give it a few whacks to make sure that the wadded-up gum wrappers and old receipts fall out. This time when you go grocery shopping, you'll take your food home in pristine, environmentally friendly shopping bags.


Your normal routine doesn't seem boring at all today -- when you get home, you start cooking dinner, play with the dog, wipe down the counters, and water the plants. If you always make playing with the dog part of your routine you will feel less stress and your pet will be happier.


The evenings are perfect for lying on a blanket in your yard or the floor with glass of iced tea. Pull an old favorite book from the shelf and succumb to it. Recall what it meant to you the last time you read it and consider what it means to you now. Jot notes in the margins if you dare.


A new creative partner may be lurking in your midst. If you've been watching a friend sew garments and you can't help but imagine how beautifully your designs would look screen printed along the hem, suggest that you collaborate and see how it goes.


The perfect amount of gram masala and onion in your homemade Indian food is just one of the many ways you can display your brilliant skill of balance today. You're a talented estimator, so don't be reluctant to dole out the spices without measuring spoons.

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The way the cherries stain a white bowl as you pit them gives you more opportunity to appreciate the beauty of their natural hue. Prepare them simply in a pie crust sans sugar, or bake them into a tart couscous dish.


Let your mind wander this evening, reminiscing about the past. You're sitting on a picnic blanket, sipping juice. You're learning to swim. You're wearing soft denim and hiking up an unimaginably beautiful coastal trail. If you have memorabilia from these hikes, it should be displayed on at least a shelf in your home.


With the power of persuasion on your side, this might be a great day to introduce your idea of reorganizing the garage. You know it may seem like a radical idea, but think of the possibilities lurking in the rafters. Propose your plan with confidence when the time is right. Recycle old jars as a place to sort and hold nuts and bolts.


You are drawn to groups today and others are looking for a good leader. Why not follow your instinct and start that gardening group like you've been wanting to? You could go to different gardens for inspiration, and bring in your own plants for show, tell, and advice.


Before you start harvesting your fruit trees, ask yourself whether you're avoiding other tasks. While there are ways you would rather spend time, work needs to be at the top of your list today. Get the ironing done and you will reduce morning stress as you decide what to wear each day in the coming week.


Spend a little time, energy and money this week. Splurge on new bath towels that cost a bit more than you'd usually spend. You do not have to redo the bathroom all at once. Start with towels this month and new light fixtures next month.


You and your housemate seem to be the oil and the vinegar in your relationship. When you serve up a salad tonight, be sure to point out how well the two ingredients blend and complement each other.

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