Your Daily HomeScope for December 04, 2022

If home is where the heart is, why shouldn’t it follow the same stars that we do? Our relationships with our homes are sacred, and like most, could use a bit of counseling here and there. Tap on your sun sign and start making your house more of a home today!


If you have any food allergies, let the host know. If you know that there are certain foods your body can't process, don't gamble today. Watching movies? Pass the popcorn without nibbling. Snack on the almonds you brought along instead. Skip the ice cream during dessert and simply eat the fresh berries that were to go on top.


In your house, the quilts are used (the more tattered they are, the more they are loved). Some people may prefer a pristine environment, but a little dust and clutter has never bothered you, but go ahead and take a polishing cloth to the spoon collection your grandmother gave you. Compare where she traveled with the places you want to go.


You can't help it -- every now and then you see such a great deal, you can't help but buy it even if it is poor quality. Then, when the pot handles start to wiggle away from the pot, you'll question how much of a 'deal' you really got. Conserve the money you work hard for by making quality your first priority when you buy clothes for your body or stuff for your home.


Herbs from the market are pricey but the room you need to grow them yourself is just a balcony away. Plant warm season crops like tomatoes and wax beans, along with the herbs you crave, in containers.


You have been trying to grow morning glories in your yard for years, haphazardly tossing seeds and only watering when you remember. This will be the year that they finally take root and climb toward the sky because you have made a note on your calendar to water them every other day.

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Let spontaneity rule your day. There is something special about a group of women and it is time you got at least one of your group together. Rent a limo to get to a fancy restaurant. No matter why you're together, the conversation, the camaraderie, and the sound of laughter spilling out around you renews your energy.


Some families need a vacation in Hawaii to connect -- all yours needs are lemonade, fresh scones and a warm afternoon. Use a low burner setting and melt honey into your lemonade. Add lime or orange slices and mint for fresh flavor and bright colors. Take a moment to appreciate the ease and wit of those around you and how little it takes to entertain each other.


Housekeeping isn't at all a brainless activity -- if it were, it wouldn't be so aggravating. It involves strategy and intellectual work, accomplishing it in a logical order. Make a cup of coffee to ensure your brain is in gear today before embarking on your household tasks. Make a list, but don't make it too onerous to face.


You have certain ideals and standards when it comes to cleanliness -- mold is not a welcome visitor in your shower. Caulk the tub with high-end silicone caulk to combat mold.


A new season has you thinking about what else you could be doing differently around your home. Get any 'tween' children involved in de-cluttering their rooms for a garage sale. Have a family discussion about whether each person gets to keep the money they earn, or if you will pool it together.


The inhabitants of your house add the noise, the flair, the style, and the laughter, but what would your home be without the animals? Take the dog on a walk and reward him with a tasty bone upon return. Buy your ferrets a new toy they can hide in. Make sure the birdbath has water each morning.


You're in a crafty mood, but you don't want to create anything unless it has a purpose. A sewn linen basket will hold your clothespins; a set of pretty hand decorated cards paired with forever stamps would cheer your mother. Focus on crafts that are both beautiful and practical today.

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