Your Daily FoodScope for January 31, 2023

Do you often find yourself wondering what food to cook, how to cook it, and even that dreaded question—how much of it? It’s a daily struggle for all of us, but need not be with our food horoscope. Satisfaction is only a click away!


Long holiday weekends can be exhausting as you're always on the go-go-go. So slow down today, and treat yourself to some down time. Work around the house or just watch football. The turkey's all gone, so order out for Thai beef satay, curried chicken or anything else that doesn't have turkey in it.


The workweek approaches, so plan your goals for the week. But don't make so many of them that you'll constantly be on the run. You'll need to eat regular meals to keep your health and energy up. So make salads, lean sandwiches and fruits part of your plans and you should be okay.


You can be meticulous about making plans, but you may want to fly by the seat of your pants today. Spontaneity will be fun and exciting as you never know what can happen. You may even find yourself at a Japanese restaurant eating lots of uni. Yum-yum, sea urchin never tasted so good.


Deal with intense personal issues as they arise today. You may feel upset afterwards, so end the day in the security of your home. Cook a comforting meal of meatloaf and mashers, but in the spirit of the holiday use ground turkey. It'll be lower in fat than beef and just as tasty.


Put aside your ego if you want to make good impressions today. People may mistake your natural ebullience for arrogance, and that's never good. So invite friends to dinner tonight. A pleasant meal of baked ziti and garlic bread will show them how down-to-earth you can really be.

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You'll see the evidence of hard work and sacrifice today as you step on the scale. Use this good news to solidify your resolve. It'll become even easier to turn your nose at fast food and pizzas, and a big grilled chicken sandwich on whole wheat will be the prettiest thing you've ever seen.


Problems at home will make you feel like you're on a seesaw today. First things are up and then they're down. You'll need to hash things out with your partner to restore an even keel. This is always best done over food, and a couple of calzones and fried cheese sticks could do the trick.


People will enjoy the pleasure of your company today, so expect many lunch and dinner invites. But don't take advantage of their generosity. Order salads and light tea sandwiches. Choose the most expensive things on the menu and they might not be as fond of you as they once were.


Today could be a good one to check out classic French films at the local indie cinema. Godard and Truffaut really do it for you. You may want to carry the French theme into dinner, but you may not be able to afford an expensive Parisian restaurant. Looks like French fries will have to do!


You may finally achieve the recognition you've been working so hard to achieve today. It'll be long overdue, but when your friends applaud your French onion soup and lamb chop dinner, you'll feel like you've done something right for a change.


Feeling tired and lethargic is natural after a long holiday weekend. So plan on doing nothing today. Even cooking or ordering out may be too much of a hassle. There's nothing wrong with having Cheerios and toast for dinner, although Cap'n. Crunch will be even better.


Today will flow as easy as a country stream. It'll be nice to have a mellow day after a hectic weekend, so keep things on the low down. Don't even bother cooking and take yourself out or dinner instead. A grilled honey chicken and couscous dinner will be a sedate way to close out the day.

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