Your Daily FoodScope for January 22, 2022

·4 min read

Do you often find yourself wondering what food to cook, how to cook it, and even that dreaded question—how much of it? It’s a daily struggle for all of us, but need not be with our food horoscope. Satisfaction is only a click away!


You can get a lot accomplished today if you put your mind to it. But mentally committing could be tough when you have bigger things on your mind. You are a cookie monster and you didn't bring enough for everyone.


Sometimes there's nothing more cozy than a quiet dinner at home. It's the quiet part that's tricky. You don't know how you're going to enjoy your beef stroganoff with the chattering spouse, yakking kids and barking dogs -- but you wouldn't want it any other way.


That next paycheck is so far on the horizon you can barely see it. Strict rationing may be in order, but you don't have to eat like a pauper. Judicious spending at the market will keep your diet healthy while you're on the cheap. A roasted chicken, a few cans of tuna, some wheat rolls, fruit and greens will probably cost just few bucks more than what you spend on your daily lunch.


You woke up on the crabby side of the bed today, snapping your pincers at everyone at home. No wonder you're getting the cold shoulder from them now. Better make amends by cooking a nice dinner; chicken parm and pasta might make them warm to you again. After all, hot water is the last place a crab will want to be today.


There's no telling what could happen if you let your subconscious take over today. Deeply repressed memories could have you going in search of forbidden pleasures. How else will you be able to explain finding yourself at the malt shop with a tall chocolate milk shake in one hand and a vanilla almond ice cream cone in the other? Looks like you have some explainin' to do!

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You'll deeply appreciate the time you spend with others today. The wealth of things you'll discover will be staggering, and some of it won't be celebrity gossip. Rather, you could learn the secret of the perfect pie crust or Hollandaise sauce. If you happen to pick up a little tidbit about Ryan Seacrest along the way, even better.


Appreciating the modest things will be a little easier today. Diminutive in size but bursting with flavor, it's easy to get carried away with cookies. So celebrate with gusto today, but expect a few head rushes once those little sugar bombs start going off.


You don't have to go overseas to fulfill your passion for exotic cuisines. A day of exploration could reveal secrets you never knew existed. Malaysian lamb rending, Peruvian teqtes, Australian meat pies, Hawaiian loco moco -- they're all in your own backyard. You just need to get out and find them.


You'll feel that the energy of your day is a little off. It's no longer the mellow early week, yet not quite the hectic race to the end. It's a day without personality. So liven yourself up with a fiery Mexican lunch or dinner. If the ambiance of a raucous South of the Border joint doesn't add caliente to your day, then the fiery habanera enchiladas certainly will.


Knocking off work projects will be like shooting fish in a barrel, although that's no way to treat a group of innocent fish; in this age of ecological awareness it seems a little politically incorrect. Still, it would be a crime to let it go to waste. Looks like fish tacos for everyone!


You finally let good health and nutrition become two mainstays in your life; now look at ya, you sexy thing! You're seeing and feeling the benefits first hand -- how sweet it is! Celebrate life with a meal stolen from the pages of Mother Earth herself. A simple spinach salad will be so beautiful -- why, is that a tear in your eye?


You may have ulterior motives for throwing a grand dinner party tonight. Perhaps you need an audience. Things will go swimmingly during the main course; crab-stuffed flounder and light conversation will be the order of the day. But expect your guests to hit the road if you start reading your poetry for dessert. There's not enough guilt or creme brulee to make them stick around for that.

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