Your Daily FoodScope for December 05, 2022

Do you often find yourself wondering what food to cook, how to cook it, and even that dreaded question—how much of it? It’s a daily struggle for all of us, but need not be with our food horoscope. Satisfaction is only a click away!


You'll spend today searching for fulfillment. You may not know exactly what it may be, but of you'll go in serious pursuit of it! Your rewards will be rich when you finally find it, and when you take your first bite of a rich and delicious carrot cake you'll feel like you've attained nirvana.


Tight finances don't bode well for an extravagant day. So you may have to find enjoyment on the cheap. That won't be hard as you think. And later when you're enjoying a late night pepperoni pizza and Buffalo wings with friends, you'll see that frugal can still be fun.


The outcome of challenges will be up to you today. You can either rise to the occasion or stumble and fall. But in the end you'll put together an awesome Italian feast of baked ziti and ravioli. Don't worry. No one will know that you used Ragu rather than homemade for the marinara sauce.


You may be running on empty today. Not to worry! Do only the things that need to get done and then kick back and relax. You won't want to deal with the hassle of cooking, but you won't want to go out, either. Seven words: large pizza with extra cheese and pepperoni.


You'll crave excitement today. But that doesn't mean that you're going to find it. Your friends will be mellow and noncommittal, so kick back and join them. Have everyone pitch in with dinner. A big pot of spicy shrimp gumbo and garlic bread will be a nice way for everyone to bond the Cajun way.

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You'll tell friends to forget about dinner plans tonight; the feast is on you! Having everyone over will be fun and a good way to show off your culinary prowess. It doesn't have to be fancy, but a steaming pot of lamb stew with a salad of organic veggies will knock their socks off.


You'll need to balance your cravings for decadent food and a commitment to healthier eating today. This tug-of-war is never easy, but there are ways to meet halfway. Use extra lean beef, whole-wheat noodles and low-fat cheeses in your homemade lasagna and a sauce that you'll make yourself.


It'll be easy to get caught up in celebrations or birthday parties today. Cake, ice cream, and soda can be so hard to pass up. Cut back on your portions if you must indulge. And then just don't eat for the rest of the day. You'll need to do something to compensate for that onslaught of calories.


The fires of inspiration can erupt when you least expect it. So be ready to take advantage when that happens. It could spell the difference between dinner of bland broiled chicken breast or fire-roasted chicken skewers with a citrus glaze and tangerine-pomegranate relish.


Treating people nicely today will do wonders for your karma. They may want to thank you with home cooked food. So accept any dinner invitations you may receive today. Slow cooked beef ribs with a spicy Cajun barbecue sauce and coleslaw will be your reward for being such a kind person.


You'll make some new social connections as you mix and mingle today. The new people you meet could share many of your interests. It'll be nice to be around people who share your love of Swedish food, especially the traditional crawfish and shrimp feast of Kraftskiva.


Your tendency to run off at the mouth may get you into trouble today. You could say things that you'll regret later. You'll know when you've reached this point when you order a hot fudge sundae and chocolate milk shake. Hopefully you'll come to your senses in the nick of time.

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