Your Daily FinanceScope for May 22, 2022

·2 min read

The best things in life are free, but we could all use some extra cash. Let us lead you to the land of green with our daily finance horoscope!


Squeezing, being forceful, pouring on the charm -- all that's a lot of effort and it's not getting you anywhere. Go back to the only way to make money that actually pays off: hard work.


The time for luxuries may be over, but that shouldn't take all the fun out of life. More practical possessions can hold some mystery and romance, too, not to mention the way they schmooze your wallet.


Your challenge for the day: attend to business matters without getting your nervous habits all fired up. The bills shouldn't have you running to overeat, or worse. Keep a grip on both yourself and your accounts.


If you find yourself socializing, you might want to toss out a small idea. In fact, it could be an outrageous idea. With the economic climate such as it is, you'll be surprised by who is receptive.


Don't show off your hand. Chest 'em, Charlie. In these financial times, ostentation looks worse than ever. Play it down, even if you're one of the lucky ones who can afford to show off.

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One look at your checkbook is all it takes to make it clear that something needs to be done. But what? More can be achieved through soul searching than through research.


Finances have you worried. Don't be. Harmony will be restored, even if it's not any time soon. In the mean time, drum up some gratitude for all the things you still have.


Curbing your impulses is more than just one of life's contests or a test of your character. It's downright mandatory if you want to survive financial turmoil. Reign yourself in.


You still have plenty of responsibilities, even if they don't seem to be making you money. Try to do them anyway. The big bucks might not be there, but the pay off still is.


Tight times are wearing you out. As strange as it sounds, relaxation is where the money is today. You need some R and R if you want to get back into the ring on Monday.


Do you think of a tattered robe as an old relative or as a relic? Your answer could determine how you weather the next few months. Focus on attitude adjustment.


Your checkbook is telling you that you can't afford it, but your intuition is pushing you toward a good dinner. Make it at home, Pisces, and you'll be satisfying all three of you.

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