Your Daily DogScope for October 04, 2022

Life is ruff when you’re four-legged and furry with a completely clueless human. Fortunately, our daily Dogscope can brighten those boneless days with a little encouragement and a helping paw.


You have things backward. You're barking at the front door when the back door is your real problem. Use what's between your ears so you can save your energy for the real intruder.


If you had freedom of choice, then not wasting time on dogs with different agendas than yours is good advice. But since you can't go solo, you'll have to suffer through the pace of the pack.


You want things to change now, but your partner is sitting in a fog, dreaming about change. That can be frustrating, especially if your better half is a cat. They live in their heads so much better than your kind.


Never a lender nor a borrower be. There is no concept of money among dogs, but there is payback. You'll get yours sooner or later if you keep up the bad behavior.


Do you want what's behind door number one or door number two? It's a good day to do some research before you choose. And with a nose like yours, that shouldn't be a problem.

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You'll get the short end of the stick. Your owner has the best of intentions, but it'll be one detail after another after another. Make do with a short walk today.


The nose knows. You'll be doing an unexpected favor by pointing something out with it. Once you've drawn attention, your job is done. The rest is up to them.


Don't let your imagination get the best of you. Sometimes being creative is all fun and games, and sometimes it can leave you whimpering. Stick to reality today.


A dog walks into a bar. No seriously, it's a metaphor you can apply to your own life. So when you think you'll nod off, listen up as others reminisce and then some.


You'll finally connect with prey, and it's not the visceral event you've always imagined. You'll get the shock of your life if you advance on the cat, so you may want to keep it a fantasy.


You're really pushing the envelope. In fact, if it weren't for your loving owner you would have reached your limit ages ago. Putting yourself first is the wrong approach today.


What are you going to do with all that energy today? You could bark aimlessly (your daily routine), but why not try something new for a change? Transform yourself, and you'll rediscover yourself in the process.

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