Your Daily DogScope for November 29, 2021

·3 min read

Life is ruff when you’re four-legged and furry with a completely clueless human. Fortunately, our daily Dogscope can brighten those boneless days with a little encouragement and a helping paw.


Just yesterday you were a yapping mess, but today you have no real problems to speak of. If you were honest, you'd have to admit you're not sure which state you'd rather be in. The neighbors have a definite opinion.


It's a bit awkward to be the weird dog after you've put so many others in their place. An outrageous sweater or a trip to the groomer has you embarrassed to show your head at the dog park. For once, you're content to stay home.


Your owner may look radically different to some, but to you they're the same old human you know and love. It doesn't take an intellectual to know that some things never change.


You're the one who can't stop barking and growling today. Even the smallest of trespasses sets you off. Don't worry, you'll be back to your more aloof persona tomorrow. For now, don't bother going for the intellect.


You don't mind what kind of walk you take, as long as it gets you out the door. You could go around in circles and be perfectly happy. Your adaptable approach to life rubs off on your humans.

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Anyone who tells you to be open minded can take a long walk off a short pier, and you're more than happy to jump-start their journey. You're barking at everything that moves, and everything that holds still, too. And you're loving it.


There's something to be said for your daily routine after all, despite your desire for excitement and unpredictability. For once you find yourself wishing for what you know by heart, even if it's the mail.


Can you make your wildest dreams come true? You'd hate to be remembered as the dog who never tried. Start small. Every time you get what you beg for, you're practicing making your fantasies manifest.


Your morning walk is a wash, but the rest of the day doesn't have to be. Just because you have a hard time getting started doesn't mean you won't end things with a bang. Give yourself the morning off.


No matter what kind of future you envision, you're basically not in a position to do much about making it happen. But that doesn't mean giving up on your dreams. Just focus on coming up with good ways to communicate them to your humans.


You want to be a good dog, but you're too easily sidetracked. You'll get a mystical wake up call, just in time to keep you from going off the rails. How you end up winning the biscuits is a mystery even to you.


You have too much energy for the basket. Nothing but the wide open sky over your head will do. You can transform yourself from a lap dog to a wolf and back again in the blink of an eye.

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