Your Daily DogScope for January 26, 2022

·3 min read

Life is ruff when you’re four-legged and furry with a completely clueless human. Fortunately, our daily Dogscope can brighten those boneless days with a little encouragement and a helping paw.


There's plenty of food socked away in the fridge, and you're the first to suggest breaking it out. Your owners meet your suggestion with enthusiasm. You don't have to prepare yourself for round two. You were born ready.


You don't have to beg your owners to buy you better chow, at least not today. You're getting the doggy bag to beat all doggy bags, and you're not complaining about it one bit. In fact, you're still quite thankful.


The humans may be pretending the big day is over, but you can smell otherwise. You know perfectly well there's still excellent chow in the doghouse and you're not going to be passed over when they start dishing it out. Leftovers or no, you want your share and you know just how to get it.


It doesn't take an exceptional memory to conjure up yesterday's smorgasbord. Your run of the mill one does the job just fine. But you'll do more than drool over your own inner images. You get to relive the delight all over again. Enjoy.


After the feast of yesterday, you can't be expected to have a good time chowing down on just anything. You need high quality canned goods, at the very least. Top it off with a few scraps from the table and some gravy and you'll be good to go.

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The good mood is lingering in the doghouse. The guests haven't left and the leftovers are making an appearance. You get extra love and attention, good food and good company. What more could a dog need to be thankful for?


If you thought it was awful being left home alone yesterday, your owners more than make up for it today. They share what was on last night's menu, and in a more generous way than usual. Be thankful for the doggy bag.


You helped yourself last night, and you're paying for it today. It will be quite a while before your owners let you anywhere near the table, or food of any kind besides chow. That's how they start the day, anyway. You'll wear them away bit by bit with your hangdog face.


The major event is over and your humans still have plenty of buzz in the doghouse. They put all the electricity to good use with creative games and good times. Make sure they throw a few long walks in, just for good measure.


You have nothing to worry about today. In fact, you have a lot to be thankful for. Your owners are still hanging in the doghouse and they'll be there for a few more days. Food is good, life is good, love is good, and you're grateful for it all.


Last night's meal went from formal to informal, and you made out like a bandit. Being on your best behavior was rewarded handsomely both table side and in your usual spot. Are they still called table scraps when they're served in your bowl?


Yesterday still seems like a dream to you. Rest assured it was a dream come true. Today brings a bit more of the same, with good vibes and good food aplenty. Just like every day, you recognize how good life is in the doghouse.

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