Your Daily Couples Horoscope for May 21, 2022

·3 min read

Communication is key in any relationship, but sometimes things fall through the cracks. Our daily couple horoscope can help you find what’s been lost and maintain that spark!


Sometimes you think the two of you are characters in a dramatic love story. Other times it feels a lot more like a screwball comedy. Ask yourself which it is today and act accordingly.


You get a little help from your friends because of some benevolent stars. Many hands want to aid you and your partner should you say the word. If you don't need it, extend some hands of your own.


Right now your memory is elephant-like. However, in this partnership, there might be moments you're both better off forgetting, especially if you have radically different points of view about what happened.


One of you is being awfully stubborn about a certain issue in this partnership (or is it both of you?), and it's clogging up the works. It's time to lose the attitudes and get back to your freewheeling selves.


Find a fresh approach for a long-standing issue. If you and your partner resort to the "usual" methods, you won't see results. After all, how many times have you dealt with the same challenge? Take a different approach.

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Are you and your significant other putting some unnecessary restrictions on each other? Be careful or you could block some much-needed vitality in your relationship. Are there some areas where you could loosen up?


The simplest thing to do can also be the hardest. There's a pretty obvious solution in front of you and your significant other. For some reason, you're both reluctant to do it. It's time to figure out why.


There are super lovey-dovey vibes today. True intimacy deepens and increases when you both put in the effort to really be there for each other and the relationship.


Are the two of you ready to learn from the past? The stars say making a full and sincere effort to absorb these lessons results in a time of unprecedented sweetness and harmony in your relationship.


Is this a flashing yellow light or a full-on stop signal? Only you and your main squeeze know for sure. What do your instincts say? Give yourself plenty of space and quiet so you can hear them clearly.


Finding the point where you're still you and yet also part of this couple can be tricky. You need some time to yourself so you can figure it out. Solitude is important. It's where you ask questions and get answers.


Perhaps you're not expecting too much of your partner. You might not be expecting enough. It's important to have standards for yourself and the people in your life (without being a taskmaster, that is).

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