Your Daily Couples Horoscope for December 07, 2021

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Communication is key in any relationship, but sometimes things fall through the cracks. Our daily couple horoscope can help you find what’s been lost and maintain that spark!


Sometimes you have to hedge your bets; other times it's all or nothing. Which approach does this situation call for? Talk it over with your partner. A discussion will illuminate what's really at stake.


It's time to get some much-needed perspective. This moment is only a piece of the puzzle in the larger picture of your relationship. Trust that time will help you get past this. A lovely and enlightening surprise awaits.


Strike a balance between working at your connection and letting it ebb and flow on its own. Sometimes you and your sweetie just need a little time to yourselves. Other times you couldn't be more hooked up.


Give your relationship extra-special treatment by affording all interactions the personal touch. That means handwritten notes rather than texts and a home-cooked dinner rather than takeout in cardboard containers.


Sometimes it seems as if a little magic takes over you and your lover, and this is definitely one of those moments. All you have to do is look into each other's eyes and you feel a connection beyond words.

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So your life dream is to swim the English Channel. You can't do it in a single day or even a single month! Enlist your sweetie's help when it comes to breaking down your enormous goal into small, doable steps.


In a relationship, you surf a continuum of friendship and passion. Sometimes it's more one thing than the other. When it's at its best, it's a lovely combination of both those qualities. This is one of them.


You're doing your best, and that's all anyone can ask for. So ease up on yourself, okay? Your sweetheart wants to give you more help than you're currently willing to accept. You have more resources available.


Hiding resentment under a veneer of politeness is a recipe for disaster, though it might make things seem easier right now. Be honest with yourself and then be honest with your partner. It'll stop trouble before it starts.


Exercise your charm and you can diffuse a potential conflict between you and your partner. Think of all this energy as a call for more love. Your kindness and compassion are key.


Your ideas are kooky. That's what your sweetie loves about you. So why have you been pretending that the ordinary is just fine by you? It's time to reveal what you really think. You're definitely not a run-of-the-mill person.


Self-diagnosis is a terrible idea when it comes to the health of your relationship, so stop doing "research" online. You're just driving yourself crazy! Things are much, much better than you think.

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