Your Daily CatScope for February 05, 2023

While Whiskers may not be able to communicate his needs purrfectly, today’s planets certainly can. With only your sun sign, you can use Catscope to translate the feelings of your feline friend.


Let the others in your life set today's agenda -- you need a rest from your royal duties! It's a good day to really focus on your friends and family, no matter what species they may have been born into.


You may have a tiny sniffle or feel a bit under the weather, though it's nothing to worry about. It may actually signal a time of vastly improved health -- without hassling the vet!


You're in such a good mood that you might just burst -- things are great between you and your human companions, and if you live with other furballs, they're eager to slide into a big cuddle puddle.


It's a good time for you to focus on that one human who means so much to you -- your social energy is strong, but it's best spent on one other creature, rather than spread around all over.


You are inordinately interested in the shiny toys the humans love so much -- you might try to help them at the computer, stare at the television even when it's off or play with a cable. Be careful!

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You can't decide what to do today -- so you might end up doing nothing at all! It's one of those times that seems to demand a little more interest than you can muster, so enjoy your extra-long naps!


You are the center of the universe -- and today, everyone nearby can tell! You get more attention than you know what to do with, but you're so gracious that you accept it all with style.


It's a thoughtful day for you, and you'd much rather just sit quietly somewhere comfortable than mix it up with other kitties -- or anyone else, really. You may need to hide out for a bit!


The day's energy fills you with delight -- even if you're napping, you're still as happy as can be. You may be able to lift others' spirits too, but only if they are willing to follow your lead.


You've got a big day ahead of you! It may seem as if the humans (or maybe some furries like you) want you to embarrass yourself, but really it's just that the day's energy makes everything a little weird.


You're even more self-absorbed than usual today, but the humans won't mind so much. You might wander off and just groom yourself for hours on end -- and why not? Enjoy your good energy.


You're a little obsessed with food and other important comforts -- it's one of those days that seems to make you feel less secure, even if you know deep down that you're perfectly safe.

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