Your Daily CatScope for December 02, 2021

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While Whiskers may not be able to communicate his needs purrfectly, today’s planets certainly can. With only your sun sign, you can use Catscope to translate the feelings of your feline friend.


You can usually make out what the humans are trying to tell you, more or less -- but right now, they may as well be speaking canine! It's partly you, though, so wait a while and then try listening again.


Try your best to make yourself useful today -- the humans need to see you on your best behavior! It's a good idea for you to at least attend to their emotional needs, but you can also redecorate if you feel like it.


Your humans don't do what you want them to do, and your frustration mounts throughout the day. Try not to lash out, as they probably aren't smart enough to figure out what you're getting at.


Try your very best to avoid doing anything that requires any thought -- you're better at reacting and emoting than anything left-brain-oriented. You've got great energy, but the brains are out the window!


Nothing seems clear to you right now, but you can live with that. It might be a pleasant kind of haze, and there's a strong possibility that you're due for something pretty sweet later on.

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Nobody seems to be even a tiny bit organized today, and that means you've got to push them to get anything done. If you want to play, nudge a toy into their field of view, and start crying just before dinner time!


Your social position is a bit precarious today, so you need to lie low and let others jostle and jockey. Pretty soon you can come out and take advantage of the chaos to install yourself as top cat!


Curiosity hasn't killed you yet, and you see no special reason why it should today. Your great energy is perfect for investigating new options, figuring out human weirdness or just plain exploring.


Try something new and different today -- your freaky energy is perfect for getting into new and crazy situations! If your humans have to bail you out, so much the better, as it should bring you together.


You can come up with all sorts of creative ideas today -- as long as they are somehow related to getting your message across to the humans and other lesser creatures in your life. Talk it up!


You're in tune with the masses, even though your nature is rather aloof. It's a good time for you to see if you can figure out what your neighbor kitties are up to, or even to read the humans' minds.


You've been so helpful to the humans -- emotionally speaking -- that you deserve some time to yourself to just unwind. You may want to hide somewhere comfy and nap through the entire day!

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