Dad records powerful TikTok message for moms everywhere: 'Stay strong, you are not alone'

TikToker Chris GQ Perry (@chrisgqperry1) posted a clip of him standing up for moms everywhere who are dealing with mental health issues. In the video, Perry breaks down the importance of not looking down on parents who need to take a break due to mental health. “When she gets depressed she don’t clean. She don’t cook. The kids eat out. She lets herself go,” said Perry, giving an example of how parents talk about other parents. “Some women put out ‘Oh I could never.’ ‘I have to clean, that’s gross,” continued Perry. “Good for you. Some women can’t”. “Some can’t even get out of bed … And when they do it’s a battle. But they can’t talk about it because if they do, they’re judged and looked down on and told, ‘You gotta keep going’”. Perry says that it’s important for parents to not pass judgements when they go over to other people’s houses. Users used the comment section to thank Perry for his valuable advice. “This made me emotional because this is the battle I fight every single day. Thank you for addressing this,” said a thankful mom

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