Dad makes heart-stopping save when little girl nearly topples head-first into lake

An outdoorsy dad saved his baby girl from a scary fall during a fishing trip, and TikTok is applauding his lightning-fast reflexes. The heart-stopping video was posted on the TikTok channel @sustainedoutdoors_, whose bio describes their footage as “hunting, fishing, anything outdoors”. In the video, we see a dad and his daughter enjoying a day of fishing on their jon boat. While Dad is slowly reeling in his line, his little girl bends down to fish something out of the water with her colorful rod. Suddenly, she loses her balance and begins to topple headfirst into the water — but thankfully, Dad was watching carefully the whole time. With amazing speed, he snatches her arm and swings her back into the boat, then checks to make sure she’s ok. TikTokers rushed to the comment section to applaud the dad’s quick reaction time and his calm demeanor. “Dad powers… activate!” joked one user

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