Dad-to-be's tantrum is caught on tape at gender reveal party when he discovers he's having

TikTok user Matt H-B (@matthb92) posted a video of an expecting couple taking part in a gender reveal party. and the future father had a less-than-ideal reaction when he found out he was having a daughter. The clip, which has over 720,000 views, caused some serious commotion in the comments section. with many users calling the dad out for his reaction. “His daughter is going to be heartbroken when she sees this when she’s older. Whatever biased opinions [you have] should disappear when you are having children,” wrote another user. Other commenters pointed out that just because the dad was disappointed, that doesn’t mean he won’t be a loving father. “People are so mean. He wanted a boy. It doesn’t mean he’s not going to love his daughter. Geez people,” wrote one defender

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