DaBaby’s Las Vegas battery case gets tossed

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What happened in Vegas is staying in Vegas — at least when it comes to a battery charge against DaBaby.

The charges against the rapper born Jonathan Lyndale Kirk have been dismissed, according to TMZ. The misdemeanor case stemmed from a driver in Sin City who alleged the “Bop” singer roughed him up in November of 2020. DaBaby denied wrongdoing and was prepared to fight the accusations, his lawyers said.

Instead, the 29-year-old performer paid his accuser $7,500 and complied with a Las Vegas court’s orders to resolve the matter. The case was reportedly dismissed with prejudice and can not be revisited. DaBaby celebrates his 30th birthday on Dec. 22.

His past controversies include slapping a female fan at a 2020 concert in Tampa, Florida, when she tried to take a close-up photo with her cellphone.

He also falsely said at a concert in July that HIV/AIDS will “make you die in two to three weeks” and asked audience members to hold their lighted cellphones in the air if they weren’t infected with such a virus.


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