'CSI' creator reveals the George Clooney movie that inspired the famous 'CSI shot'

Anthony Zuiker, the creator of the hit series "CSI: Crime Scene Investigations" and one of the stars, Marg Helgenberger, Zoom-chatted with Kylie Mar of Yahoo Entertainment about the 20th anniversary of the series premiere. Back on Friday, October 6, 2000, "CSI" premiered and was an immediate success. The series was so popular, it went on for 15 seasons, spawned three spin-offs and is seen in almost every country in the world. One of the things that made the show so unique was the so-called "CSI shot" where viewers would get a close-up look at a bullet tearing through flesh and organs, or a bone being broken in a fall. Anthony explained that he was inspired by an old George Clooney movie. "I got the "CSI shot by watching a movie called Three Kings, where the bullet went into the body," Anthony said. "So it was just a different point of view of a forensic show and a cop show. Because actually you could dive in to see the forensics. So we coined them right in the script. It would be "CSI shot" in the secondary slug, or the shot line." Marg Helgenberger also spoke about the "CSI shot," saying, "What came to be known as "the CSI shot," you know following the trajectory of bullets through bodies," Marg explained, "I mean, there was all that sort of fun way to show the science, you know, not just talk about it. And that definitely was revolutionary."