CSCEC hosts 'Witness Happiness' Cloud Open Day event

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BEIJING, Dec. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- A news report from

CSCEC Singapore Bulim Square project hosted an online Open Day event on Friday. This event is CSCEC's "Witness Happiness" Cloud Open Day event – a mega online event that showcases CSCEC's global projects.

Situated in western Singapore's Jurong District, the Bulim Project and all-inclusive infrastructure project is an on-going mega project covering an area of 400,000 square meters. Not only does it mark the first phase of Jurong Innovation District (JID), it is also the largest industrial project of China Construction (South Pacific) Development Co Pte Ltd (CSCEC Singapore) to date. As part of JID's master plan to push forward industry 4.0 in the manufacturing sector in Singapore, the Bulim Square will be a home to cater the manufacturing hub and ecosystem for R&D, technology advancement and others upon completion.

The project consists of four 5- to 6-story buildings, a 2-story basement complex and supporting infrastructure, which will be connected to other areas to create a future-ready, smart, highly sustainable and harmonious community.

The audiences were also given demonstrations of how new technologies, such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) are being used in the Bulim Square project. BIM is fully implemented in the Bulim Square Project. Walkthrough sessions are regularly organized to resolve all design discrepancies to avoid possible delays during the construction process and improve site safety planning. This is also the first project CSCEC Singapore succeeded in implementing an IDD system for construction. By digitalizingall information and putting them in one place, this system greatly digitalized the construction workforce, reduced physical contact between employees and significantly improved work efficiency during COVID-19.

CSCEC Singapore, including the Bulim Square project, employs more than 80% non-Chinese Staff. The cultural diversity of the project team has formed an inclusive workplace that feels like a big family. "I'm proud and happy to be a part of CSCEC Singapore because my company united with multi-cultures, respects fairness, teamwork, trust and integrity, growth mind set, and communication transparency. Everyone is given opportunity to expose their talented skills," said Vetrivel, M&E Supervisor of the project.

"I'm very happy to say that in the past 18 months since construction has begun, we have developed a very good relationship with CSCEC Singapore," Cheong Jiawen, deputy director of Jurong Town Corporation (JTC), spoke highly of CSCEC Singapore's participation in the Bulim Square Project. He said CSCEC Singapore has been a very good partner in the fight against COVID-19.

With over 200 quality projects and 196 local awards, CSCEC Singapore has been serving Singapore with dedication since 1992, and participating in Singapore's Smart Nation Initiatives. In Singapore, 1 in 25 people lives in a house built by CSCEC Singapore. CSCEC Singapore will continue to journey with Singapore to create a diversified future, strive for excellence, and shape a better living environment.

CSCEC hosts 'Witness Happiness' Cloud Open Day event


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