Crying from vacant home leads man to naked baby inside. Tennessee cops found another

Screengrab from Nicholas Garrett's Facebook Live

A Memphis man discovered a baby alone in a vacant home in Tennessee. His discovery led police to another baby also found inside the home.

Nicholas Garrett, 33, told WBTV he had gone to the neighborhood to visit a friend when he “heard a high-pitched scream” after getting out of his car on Feb. 3.

Garrett followed the sound of the scream a few houses down, where he saw a naked baby at the door of a vacant house.

He started a Facebook Live video, and can be heard describing what he saw to a neighbor.

Garrett said he saw a baby’s hand come out of the door that was tied with a shoestring to keep it closed. He said the baby had no clothes on, and he wrapped the baby up in a jacket and called Memphis police.

“Y’all, whose baby is this?” he said in the video as he began to hold the baby and talk to neighbors.

He said one neighbor told him the babies were twins, as reported by FOX13.

“Where is the other one at then?” Garrett asks in the video. “There’s another baby in there?”

Garrett said when police arrived they searched the home and found a second baby wrapped in a blanket inside.

McClatchy News reached out to Memphis police for a comment and is awaiting a response.

Memphis police confirmed to FOX13 the children were alone at the house.

Police said the children were unharmed and released to relatives, and the Department of Children’s Services had been alerted, according to WBTV.

Garrett continued to post on social media over the next few days to try and find where the babies had been taken.

On Feb. 5, Garrett shared a video of the two babies in a home with clothes, beds and blankets on his Facebook page.

He told WBTV he had purchased baby necessities, and he thanked those who helped him on social media.

“To everybody that gave and wanted to but couldn’t, them babies thank y’all,” the post said. “And I really thank y’all also.”

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