CredentialingOne partners with SmartHealth PayCard™ to help providers offer patients simple and convenient option for healthcare payments

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PLANO, Texas, and ELGIN, Ill., March 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- CredentialingOne liberates physicians from the paperwork required to maintain credentials and compliance, from licensing, certifications and health plan enrollment to hospital privileges, contract negotiations, physician payer audits and revalidations. Now, the company is helping physicians and their practices tackle administrative headaches on another front thanks to a distribution agreement announced today with healthtech payment solutions leader SmartHealth PayCard LLC™ (SHPC).

(PRNewsfoto/SmartHealth PayCard)
(PRNewsfoto/SmartHealth PayCard)

CredentialingOne is now offering the SHPC Mastercard® to its clients as a convenient, hassle-free way their patients can pay for their care in full at the time of service.

Patients can apply quickly and conveniently for the SHPC Mastercard right from their phone and, after a quick approval process that takes only a few minutes, receive a card number to immediately access a revolving credit line of up to $30,000 to pay for services. The card comes with other medical benefits, including savings of up to 85 percent on prescriptions through SmartHealth Rx™, as well as $5,000 in accident medical expense coverage and a $5,000 accidental death benefit.

"We know that patients sometimes avoid seeking the medical treatment they need simply because they owe a small balance to their physician," said CredentialingOne Executive Vice President Greg Hightower. "Whether the patient is insured and can't meet their out-of-pocket expenses or uninsured and needing a funding vehicle to pay their medical bills, SmartHealth PayCard can help. We're proud to offer it because it delivers added value to our clients and aligns with our goal to free them up to focus more on their primary mission: patient care."

SHPC was launched in 2019 to give consumers a flexible, hassle-free option to deal with healthcare expenses while enabling providers to receive payment in full quickly with no added fees. It helps improve practice cash flow and reduces difficult conversations with patients about outstanding balances and dependence on collection services and other term lending solutions that charge providers fees and commissions.

"Cost should not be a barrier to getting the care you need, but that's what's keeping more and more Americans from seeing their doctor when they need to, whether it's because they're uninsured or their plans have high deductibles. It also hinders providers' ability to treat their patients and operate their practices efficiently," said SHPC Co-Founder Jeff Blankinship. "We're proud to team up with CredentialingOne to offer their clients SmartHealth PayCard as a solution that helps clear the road to better patient health and better business outcomes."

The SHPC Mastercard can be used for any health-related expense, including routine, urgent or emergency care, dental care, eyecare, mental healthcare, prescribed and over-the-counter medicine, physical therapy, diagnostics and veterinary services. With a maximum 18% APR, the SHPC Mastercard offers favorable financing terms compared to alternative lending options, which can exceed 26% APR or more.

About SmartHealth PayCard, LLC
Based in Plano, Texas, SmartHealth PayCard is committed to providing financial solutions to simplify and make healthcare affordable. We seek to introduce transformative change to healthcare that benefits patients, healthcare providers and society at large. For more information, please visit and also watch this brief video overview.

About CredentialingOne
Based in Elgin, Illinois, CredentialingOne is an outsourced credentialing services provider with a custom-developed credentialing software platform. Our expert staff and credentialing technology manage all tasks required for credentialing, provider enrollment, Medicare and Medicaid enrollment, obtaining hospital privileges, CAQH registration, credentialing maintenance, and more. Our secure, cloud-based platform ensures our clients are informed and updated throughout the credentialing process with our automated messaging system. Provider credentialing files, application information, document copies, and reports are all maintained by our experienced credentialing specialists and HIPAA-compliant database.


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