Creator HeyParis accuses popular YouTuber of stealing her content

YouTuber Paris Mars, whose channel is HeyParis, is accusing another YouTube channel of ripping off one of her stories word-for-word. Mars said she was participating in a popular YouTube genre called storytime, . in which a creator spends the duration of a video retelling either a dramatic or funny event. On Nov. 10, Mars told Insider that she started getting messages and emails from fans. who said that there was another YouTuber who had retold Mars’s story without crediting her. The “rip off” video was uploaded by Venezuelan influencer Marialejandra Marrero, who’s recognized by her username Mar and Mariale. Marrero, who was also interviewed by Insider, said that the situation embarrassed her, which is why she took down the video and posted an apology. “I’d like nothing more than to make amends and to move on,” she said. Mars posted another video about how she wasn’t impressed with Marrero’s response. Mars also added that the larger problem is how Black creators are struggling to be heard and then not credited for their work