Creating New Opportunities in VC: How Alumni Ventures Grew to Become America’s Largest Venture Fund for Accredited Investors

MANCHESTER, NH / ACCESSWIRE / December 28, 2022 / Many companies succeed based on their ability to address an unmet need or tap into a new opportunity. This is the case for Alumni Ventures, a venture capital firm with over 8,000 investors and $1 billion in capital raised, that has quickly grown to be one of the most active venture investors in the world and America's largest venture capital fund for individual investors.

Venture capital investing used to be available only to institutional investors and the ultra-wealthy. It was simply not possible for most individual investors to access and participate in an asset class that has become famous for powering the growth of many of the world's most successful companies. From Apple to Tesla and Airbnb to Amazon, all have been funded by venture capital and grown into game-changing companies that are rewiring industries around the world. Thanks to innovative firms like Alumni Ventures, accredited individual investors can now access professional-grade venture investments and the opportunities for diversification and portfolio growth that have long been enjoyed by the world's most sophisticated institutional investors. Since its founding in 2014, the firm has raised more than $1B from investors and in 2021, Alumni Ventures was the third most active venture capital investor in the world (Pitchbook 2021 Global League Tables), illustrating the immense interest and momentum in VC investing for individual investors.

A New Approach to Venture Capital Investment

Alumni Ventures brings a new and unique approach to investing in venture capital. The core goal of Alumni Ventures is to democratize venture capital investing for individuals from all experience levels and backgrounds. Their approach brings professional-grade venture investing to individuals with insight and expertise that would otherwise be out of reach.

Community is a major strength for Alumni Ventures, with a powerful network of over 600,000 members in addition to 150+ full-time employees. Their team streamlines and simplifies the entire process by building portfolios diversified by sector, stage, geography, and lead investor. So even as the addition of venture capital to a portfolio provides diversification, the venture capital portfolio itself is built of a diverse set of venture-backed companies as well. Additionally, all investments are vetted by teams of highly experienced venture capital investors (who are full-time employees at Alumni Ventures) to ensure each investment offers the potential for promising returns.

Extremely Knowledgeable in Venture Capital

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Michael Collins, has participated in the venture capital industry since 1986. Following the adoption of the JOBS Act, Collins saw an opportunity to make venture capital more accessible to individuals. "No matter the experience level, accredited investors can benefit significantly from the diversification and performance offered by VCs. A driving force behind the creation of Alumni Ventures was ensuring that individual investors were afforded the opportunity to enhance their portfolio's performance in ways that have long been enjoyed by the largest and most sophisticated institutional investors," reflected Michael Collins.

By offering individuals the ability to invest in venture capital, Alumni Ventures is leveling the investment landscape by enabling accredited investors to be at the forefront of businesses that could revolutionize industries. With venture investments often outperforming public market equivalents on 5, 15, and 25 year time periods (according to Cambridge Associates), firms like Alumni Ventures are expected to continue flourishing as they provide accredited investors with enhanced tools to drive portfolio performance and diversification.

About Alumni Ventures

Alumni Ventures offers accredited individuals access to network-powered venture capital - a key asset class missing from the portfolios of many sophisticated investors.


Andrew Mitchell

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