Crawford & Company Publishes Global Citizenship Report

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Inaugural Report Details Crawford’s Drive Towards Corporate Responsibility Goals by Minimizing Environmental Impact, Demonstrating Honesty and Integrity, and Prioritizing Inclusion and Diversity

ATLANTA, May 26, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Crawford & Company® (NYSE: CRD-A and CRD-B), the world’s largest publicly listed independent provider of claims management and outsourcing solutions to carriers, brokers and corporations, today published its 2021 Global Citizenship Report.

In this inaugural report, "Stronger Together," Crawford has documented the different ways in which the company is working to fulfill its corporate responsibility goals and have a positive impact on its employees, clients and communities.

The report highlights the measures, initiatives and actions that Crawford has taken in 2021 to enhance its positive social impact, strengthen its environmental commitments and foster a growing, diverse workforce. It also marks an important step towards increasing transparency around the company’s work on fulfilling its corporate responsibility goals.

2021 was a landmark year for Crawford, during which the company celebrated 80 years of service. Serving people, businesses and communities in need is not only inherent in the work the company does but is also reflective of its envisioned future, culture and values.

Commenting on the report’s release, Rohit Verma, chief executive officer of Crawford, said: "At Crawford, we are dedicated to restoring lives, businesses and communities, and strive to be responsible global citizens. In our Global Citizenship Report, we show how we are working to minimize environmental impact, behave with honesty and integrity and drive conscious inclusion and diversity at all levels of our organization."

Joseph Blanco, president of Crawford, added: "We are proud of what we have achieved across the globe to prioritize our employees, clients and communities. Crawford is fully committed to progressing towards its corporate responsibility goals and we look forward to making an even greater impact in 2022 and beyond."

To download a copy of the report, please click here.

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