If COVID vaccines got updated annually like flu shots, would you get one every year?


What does the future of COVID-19 vaccines look like?

An advisory committee for the U.S. Food & Drug Administration on Thursday unanimously agreed on a proposal recommending Pfizer, Moderna and other vaccine manufacturers use the same COVID strain in their formulations for future COVID shots. The committee agreed this would streamline the country’s vaccination process and make it less confusing for people.

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The FDA also asked the committee about several other topics during the meeting, including if COVID vaccines should be updated yearly like flu shots. The advisors said more data is needed before they can make a recommendation. More discussions are expected in the future. There was also talk of the group possibly meeting later this year to select a strain for an updated COVID vaccine, which would roll out in the fall.

We’re curious: If the COVID vaccines were to get updated annually, like flu shots, would you get vaccinated every year?

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