Courteney Cox tells Scream costar Melissa Barrera her home is 'off-limits' in Friends spoof

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Courteney Cox tells Scream costar Melissa Barrera her home is 'off-limits' in Friends spoof

Not just anyone can call the iconic Friends apartment their home, as Scream costars Courteney Cox and Melissa Barrera recently joked about when they enjoyed a fun moment poking fun at the pop culture properties they're both known for.

"Some things are off limits," Cox writes in the caption of the Instagram video, which is set to music used in Cox's series and starts with the Friends actor running into the In the Heights actor on the street — the same street where Monica Geller's apartment is conveniently located.

"Where are you going?" Cox asks. Barrera points in the direction of Monica's apartment and replies, "I'm just going home!"

Courteney Cox and Melissa Barrera
Courteney Cox and Melissa Barrera

Courteney Cox/Instagram Courteney Cox and Melissa Barrera

"Oh, you're going home?" Cox asks playfully but in a threatening manner. "Hm. That's weird. Um, I don't think that's your home." Putting her hands on Barerra's shoulders, Cox continues, "I'm actually really happy you joined the Scream cast, but this is not okay. This is off-limits."

When Barerra pleads with her, Cox is firm about telling her no. "There's only so much," Cox answers. "Come on, go back to the Heights."

Barerra backs off, but not before throwing a final mic drop towards Cox, yelling out "I know!" in perfect Monica Geller fashion.

"Stop imitating me," Cox complains, while Barrera walks away and mumbles, "so pathetic."

After Cox shared the video, Barerra continued to banter with her, commenting on the post "But... I'll be there for you" with an emoji laughing face in a reference to the NBC show's iconic theme song.

The latest Scream film, centered on a new killer who dons the Ghostface mask and begins another round of killing Woodsboro teenagers, reunites veteran franchise actors Cox, David Arquette, Neve Campbell, and Marley Shelton with newcomers like Barerra, Dylan Minnette, Jenna Ortega, and Jack Quaid.

"I was a huge horror fan when I was young," Barrera told EW of joining the franchise. "I was obsessed with horror movies. I'm such a huge fan of Neve and Courteney. I was trying to be professional, and I would feel like I was dreaming."

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